Wealth Management

Helping you achieve your unique financial goals

For us only one measure counts: are we helping our clients meet their goals?

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. We know the intricacies of asset allocation, product selection and all the nuances about investing. We also know how important it is to listen to your concerns, understand your goals and create a portfolio based upon them.

Our Approach

Strategic asset allocation

The root of investment success is a sound philosophy. Our philosophy is all about focusing on what we can control. The main drivers of investment success are therefore (1) choosing the right investment allocation, (2) selecting the optimal investment products, (3) driving down costs and (4) avoiding behavioural mistakes. We recognize and address all these issues at Ipanema Capital.

A transparent and fair fee model

We use a simple annual fee-on-assets model, which is transparent and avoids the inherent conflicts-of-interest of the more widespread product-based commissions model. The fee depends on the complexity of the investment solution and ranges from 0.75% to 1.0% p.a.

You need more than a portfolio, you need a plan.

Whether it is generating retirement income, transferring wealth to future generations or leaving a charitable legacy. We provide full service financial planning and investment management for an annual retainer fee.

ETF-Based Investment ManagementTailored Wealth Management
EFT (index funds)All assets
0.75% fee p.a.1.00% fee p.a.
€200,000 minimum€500,000 minimum

Second Opinion Service

Are you sure you have seen all available opportunities? Are you taking too much risk? Are your investments truly aligned with your own personal plans? Our analysis will indicate if you are on track.

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Answers to your FAQs

Read answers to some of the most common questions from potential investors. Or get in touch to ask about anything not covered.

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