Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to some of the most common questions from potential investors. Or get in touch to ask about anything not covered.

What is the minimum size relationship needed to get started?

For an ETF-based investment solution the minimum account size is Euro 200,000. Investment management solutions that can invest in all asset classes and investment products have a minimum account size of Euro 500,000.

Will I have an advisor assigned to me?

Yes. Every client at Ipanema Capital has a dedicated investment specialist who understands your specific financial goals and works with you to align them with your investment strategy

Will I be involved in the day-to-day portfolio decisions?

Your portfolio follows an investment strategy that is decided by you in advance and is outlined in the investment management agreement. We are hired to manage and monitor your account, according to the previously agreed investment guidelines. Therefore you will not be hassled by us seeking permission to perform routine asset management jobs. If you have questions about your account, you can always contact us by phone or e-mail.

Does anyone at Ipanema Capital have access to my money?

No. Ipanema Capital employees do not have access to your money. Your assets are held in an account in your name by a custodial bank. Ipanema Capital only has limited authority to trade securites with discretion in line with the previously agreed investment strategy and deduct our quarterly management fee from the account. We have no other access or authority to your account.

How do I stay informed about my assets?

Clients receive quarterly results and can access their accounts on the internet at any time.

Are there any other safety mechanisms in place?

Our set-up offers four additional safety features:

  • (1) clients can cancel the contract any day.
  • (2) clients participate in the German deposit insurance scheme.
  • (3) Ipanema Capital is a member of the German investment advisory compensation plan.
  • (4) we are regulated by the German financial industry supervisor BaFin and Deutsche Bundesbank.

Will I receive reports that will help with tax preparation?

Yes. At the end of each year, the custodial bank will send you the necessary tax documents that will assist you in preparing your annual tax return.

What are the risks of investings?

Ipanema Capital minimizes risks at an early stage when we structure the portfolio by diversifying assets but some risks will remain including price volatility risk, credit risk, currency risk and interest rate risk. Our approach is all about avoiding permanent loss of capital. Temporary loss of capital (=volatility) is aligned with the risk profile of our clients. Volatility can be reduced with an appropriate investment strategy but it can never totally be avoided and it typically comes at the expense of lower long-term returns.

Why did you pick Ipanema Capital as a company name?

The founder lived for one year with his family in Ipanema, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro (Brasil).